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    2. Practice Areas

      Intellectual Property

      The Intellectual Property Department of JunZeJun Law Offices comprises a number of specialist, sophisticated legal practitioners with relevant government occupation experience and a wealth of experience in the handling of cases. JunZeJun provides quality and appropriate legal services of intellectual property right for many domestic and foreign clients.


      Most of JunZeJun's IP lawyers graduated from law schools of reputable universities, hold master or doctoral degrees, and have over 10 years of experience in the IP field. The core members have worked for well-known law firms, IP agencies, or the judiciary, and had successfully handled many cases with significant influence in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition and anti-monopolies.


      JunZeJun's intellectual property practice covers areas such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and domain names in industries involving telecommunications, electronics, software, semiconductors, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, media and other traditional industries. Through close collaboration with colleagues in the patent, trademark and intellectual property rights litigation business, JunZeJun's practice team on intellectual property right is able to provide clients with resolutions that are comprehensive and that are able to meet their legal demands of intellectual property rights.


      In this area, JunZeJun IP team has successfully handled cases involving OEM, well-known trademark and famous trademark recognition and competitive ranking trademark infringement, and holds profound insights regarding legal issues such as trademark fair use, reverse passing off, reverse confusion, and trademark infringement in e-commerce transactions.

      • Application for trademark registration
      • Renewal and change of registered trademarks
      • Trademark opposition and review
      • Trademark infringement and related business
      • Trademark protection strategy consultancy, etc.

      JunZeJun IP team has handled various types of difficult and complex patent cases, and is in a leading position in research of foreign frontier theoretical issues. The legal services provided by JunZeJun’s IP team in the field of patents include, but not limited to:

      • Patent protection strategy consultancy
      • Patent application, re-examination and declaration of invalidation, etc.
      • Patent consultancy, literature searches, patent monitoring and investigation, etc.
      • Patent litigation
      • Patent right maintenance, licensing and transfer
      • Patent evaluation
      • Patent operations

      In this area, JunZeJun IP team has handled cases concerning the haven principle of network service providers’ infringement liability, the red flag principle, indirect infringement, safeguarding copyrights of databases, e-books and film and television works, etc.

      • Copyright registration
      • Animation and its derivative products
      • The role image right of the film and television works
      • Online games
      • Works of applied art
      • The right of communication of information on networks
      • Copyright-related litigation, legal advice and other business

      In this area, JunZeJun IP team has a group of professionals with rich experience achievements. JunZeJun IP legal services in domain names include:

      • Domain name search
      • Domain application, maintenance, licensing and transfer
      • Domain management and protection strategy
      • Infringement analysis of disputed domain names, investigation and evidence preservation
      • Domain name dispute arbitration; domain name dispute lawsuits
      • Other legal matters involving domain names in investment and financing, and mergers and acquisitions
      Leading Lawyers


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      • Beijing:+86-10-6652 3388
      • Shanghai:+86-21-6106 0889
      • Shenzhen:+86-755-3398 8188
      • Guangzhou:+86-20-8551 1672
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