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    2. Professionals

      Qiong He
      Shenzhen Office

      Ms. He specializes in the areas of government industrial investment and financing, merger and reorganization,deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, transformation of state-owned investment and financing platform companies, urban infrastructure construction and district development.


      The private equity fund managed by Ms. He's lawyer team focuses on the government's major industrial investment, listed companies and comprehensive development projects in the area, providing investors with the whole process services of fund raising, investment, post investment management and project exit. Ms. He's lawyer team helps the proposed industrial projects to carry out construction fund financing. At present, the scale of fund management exceeds 4 billion, and the amount of construction fund financing exceeds 10 billion.


      Lawyer He has successively provided consulting services for dozens of state-owned investment and financing platforms, parks and local governments, such as restructuring of state-owned enterprises, mixed reform of state-owned enterprises, transformation of platform companies, industrial planning and investment and financing. She has established an interdisciplinary professional team with legal, fiscal and industrial background to provide comprehensive, multi-dimensional and comprehensive professional services and solutions for government / state-owned enterprise customers.


      Lawyer He led the team to provide investment and financing consultant, legal consultant, transaction structure design, project financing and other special services for dozens of ABO, PPP, BOT, TOD, ACM + EPC and other urban infrastructure construction or area development projects.

      Working Experience and Education Background

      Ms. He joined JunZeJun Law Offices in 2020. Before that, Ms. He once worked in the judicial system of the government, then focused on the business of investment and financing, and it initiated the establishment of private equity fund and industry research consulting company.

      Professional Affiliations
      • Member of Jiusan Society


      • +86-10-6652 3307


      • Beijing:+86-10-6652 3388
      • Shanghai:+86-21-6106 0889
      • Shenzhen:+86-755-3398 8188
      • Guangzhou:+86-20-8551 1672
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