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    2. Professionals

      Cuiping Wang
      PartnerShenzhen Office
      Ms. Wang specializes in the areas of bankruptcy and restructuring, deposition of non-performing assets and dispute resolution.
      Ms. Wang has been designated as the principal of the bankruptcy administrators and represented the chairperson of the creditors’ meetings. Legal services concerning bankruptcy and restructuring that Ms. Wang provides include application for bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation, participation in bankruptcy and compulsory liquidation proceedings on behalf of creditors and recover right’s holders, participation in enterprises restructuring as the legal counsel of interested parties such as debtors, investors, and shareholders, advising troubled enterprises on the solution to reviving or market exit; entrusted as legal counsel by liquidation teams or shareholders, representing derivative actions of bankruptcy cases.
      Ms. Wang has handled a large number of cases on enforcement with rich experience on promoting the progress of such cases. Ms. Wang is an expert in applications of enforcement, the objections of enforcement and lawsuits of objection and licensing of enforcement.
      Ms. Wang is skilled in dealing with complex civil and commercial disputes, especially series cases, disputes concerning capital market, shareholders’ liability, loan and so forth.
      Working Experience and Education Background
      Ms. Wang joined in JunZeJun Law Offices in 2012.
      Ms. Wang obtained both the degrees of LL.B. and LL.M. in Economic Law from the Southwest University of Political Sciences and Law.
      Professional Affiliations
      • Member of the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA).
      Awards and Honors
      • Awarded as asialaw Leading Lawyers 2020: Notable Practitioner in Restructuring and Insolvency
      • Awarded as 2019 LEGALBAND China Top10 Lawyers - Non-performing Assests


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