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    2. Professionals

      Xiaoyan Guo
      PartnerShenzhen Office

      Ms. Xiaoyan Guo specializes in the areas of real estate and construction (urban renewal, real estate/ and M&A), intellectual property, legal affairs of business organizations, settlement of commercial and civil disputes.


      Ms. Xiaoyan Guo is mainly engaged in legal services such as litigation or non-litigation in the areas of real estate, corporate mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, business organization legal affairs, etc.; she provides legal services to customers in areas of real estate, urban renewal (including three old transformations), corporate affairs, and investment, financing and disputes in the aforementioned fields.


      The clients Ms. Xiaoyan Guo served include various enterprises such as government, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises, involving large-scale infrastructure, real estate development, technology, trade, medicine, logistics supply chain and many other industries.

      Working Experience and Education Background

      Ms. Xiaoyan Guo joined JunZeJun Law Offices in 2015.


      Ms. Xiaoyan Guo graduated from Shenzhen University with Bachelor of Law/Master of civil and commercial Law degree.


      • +86-10-6652 3307


      • Beijing:+86-10-6652 3388
      • Shanghai:+86-21-6106 0889
      • Shenzhen:+86-755-3398 8188
      • Guangzhou:+86-20-8551 1672
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